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This past week saw Art for Humanity in partnrship with Democracy Developement Program, Durban University of Technology to bring for the first time, a week long Human Rights Celebration proudly sponsored by Ofxam. The week was jam packed with activities for everyone: from live poetry and music, seminars, debates and much more. All the weeks events can be viewed on our first brand new newsletter for the year. The newsletter also includes an update on The Art of Human Rights Project and the Gatekeepers performance that thrilled in December last year. Please CLICK here. Enjoy! 


Human Rights Day Celebration 2014

Art For Humanity together with its partners, invites you to Celebrate Human Rights.

This first ever week long celebration will be an entertainment filled week. There'll be

poetry sessions,fashion shows, live Bands and so much more. Come celebrate with

us from the 17th - 21st of March. Don't Miss out.

Clicke here to see the invite: Celebrate Human Rights.

A word from AFH Director

 Statement by Jan Jordaan On the evening of the 02/03/14 my personal Facebook page was hacked and unlawfully accessed by persons unknown to me or any of my acquaintances.  Photographs of a pornographic and incriminating nature were subsequently posted on my page. I do not know any of the people appearing in these photographs .I have deleted these photographs and suspended my account and have no intention to return to this network.  I do apologise for any distress or damage caused to any of my Facebook friends resulting from the above and can assure you that I found myself in an equally compromised position. Prior to the above incident my cell- phone was stolen and I suspect the phone was used to access my account. This I have reported to the SAPS.   


A Durban man accused of beating his wife and two teenage children to death is expected to apply for bail in the Chatsworth Magistrate's Court Today.

Rajan Kandasamy, 44, allegedly used a gada - a traditional Indian mace carried by the Hindu god Hanuman - to kill his wife and their two teenage children, aged 18 and 17.

ARTWORK: Marjorie Maleka "This is my story" 
COMMITMENT:Etching & oil pastel 424 x 371mm

womens rights

Today 21 years ago, five Somalian women were stoned to death because they were accused and convicted of adultery. Two decades later Women's rights are still being violated across Africa. 

What is particularly alarming is that in 2012 South Africa was named Worlds Rape Capital by Interpol. Although there was much controversy around the announcement the culture of violence against Women has to stop.

Clause 2: Human Dignity

'All shall be afforded dignity' 562 x 377, linocut 
Norman Kaplan

Remembering Mandela - Our Constitution

The Constitution of South Africa is the supreme law of the country of South Africa. It provides the legal foundation for the existence of the republic, sets out the rights and duties of its citizens, and defines the structure of the government. The current constitution, (the country's fifth), was drawn up by the Parliament elected in 1994 in the first non-racial elections. It was promulgated by President Nelson Mandela on 10 December 1996 and came into effect on 4 February 1997, replacing the Interim Constitution of 1993. Since 1996, the Constitution has been amended by seventeen amendment acts. The Constitution is formally entitled the "Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996."    

Today in History (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Today 10 December, 1948. The then newly formed United Nation (UN) General Assembly passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).  Passing this Declaration marked an international desire for peace and the beginnings of a system to protect basic human dignity and freedoms. The UDHR has since inspired many individuals and policy makers around the world to work toward a better world. “We have together, walked a very long road. We have travelled together to reach a common destination. The common destination towards which we have been advancing defines the very reason for the existence of this world organization.  "The goal we have sought to reach is the consummation of the yearning of all humankind for human dignity and human fulfillment.” -Nelson Mandela, addressing the United Nations General Assembly in September 1993. #RememberingNelsonMandela #RIP #HumanRights 

Tata Madiba's Memorial service... "Rest In peace babawethu"


Today, the mood in FNB Stadium -which is situated south west of Johannesburg - is once again a mix of sadness and celebration as more than 50 world leaders join tens of thousands of South Africans for a mammoth memorial service. US President Barack Obama and former presidents Jimmy Carter, George W Bush and Bill Clinton have confirmed attendance, along with 13 African leaders. Even U2 frontman Bono - one of Mandela's many celebrity friends - will be paying his respects.

Once the crowd reaches 90,000, South African authorities will redirect visitors to three nearby stadiums, where they can follow the proceedings via live transmission on a series of giant screens. It won't be the first time that Mandela will have attracted such a large crowd at the stadium, which lies a few kilometres from the Soweto home he once shared with his ex-wife Winnie, in the epicentre of the anti-Apartheid struggle. In 1990 - just a few days after Mandela was released after 27 years of incarceration - he addressed a crowd of 100,000 in the very same spot.

"This is a man who sacrificed his life," Mandela's political mentor and fellow prisoner, Walter Sisulu, introduced the benign-looking grandfather at the time. Mandela's speech that day, in which he stressed the importance of education and combatting crime, did not go down in history as one of his most memorable. The crowd was spellbound nonetheless, and - though the townships were gripped by political violence at the time - dispersed peacefully.

"For Madiba, we would work for free. We will never forget what he did for us," 19-year-old Keamogetse Monare said. Sipho Sidambe, events manager at a private security company overseeing the memorial, was only a boy when Mandela was released from prison and began talks regarding the emancipation of South Africa from white minority rule.

"We need to make sure everyone is safe in- and outside the stadium," he said. "My wish is for everything to go well and for everyone to be at peace with his death.

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AFH School Workshop Videos

Warm Greetings

Below are the links to the last four workshop we have conducted over the past few months. if you have any comment or suggestion please do not hesitate to leave your comment at We hope you enjoy them.


Zwelethu High School

Umlazi Comtech

Queensburg Girls High School

Kingsway High School


Celebrating Human Rights Day - 21st March 2013

‘Within society, each and every one of its members is responsible for having an opinion, for questioning, approving or rejecting the decisions taken by those who govern.’

Civil Society partners the Democracy Development Project, Art for Humanity, South African Human Rights Commission and the Durban University of Technology, with the support of Oxfam will be holding an Art and Human Rights seminar to increase awareness about Human Rights and the role of responsible citizenship at the on 21 March 2013.

These celebrations will include an Art and Human Rights workshop facilitated by AFH, a concert including a performance by popular music group Espresso, poetry presentations followed by an exhibition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by international artists and a seminar on the theme of ‘Human Rights, Culture, Education and Transformation’ and accompanied by acclaimed guitarist Madala Kunene.

Seminar speakers includes; Prof Steve Pete – UKZN School of Law (Ancient Rituals and their place in the Modern World: Culture, Masculinity and the Killing of Bulls), Ms. Devina Perumal - UKZN School of Law (Culture from a Feminist perspective) and Prof Sibusiso Moyo – Director: Centre for Research Management and Development DUT, chaired by Prof Brian Pearce, Associate Professor, Department of Drama Studies, DUT

The purpose of these celebrations and events are to cultivate awareness about human rights and responsible citizenship in all South Africans, particularly in the youth.

The events will be hosted by DATE: 21 March 2013

VENUE: Steve Biko Campus, Durban University of Technology

TIME: Afternoon Program- 14:00pm to 16:30pm

          Exhibition- 18:00pm to 18:45pm

          Evening Program-18:45pm to 20:45pm



For more information about the event partners, please visit their relevant websites:


The Democracy Development Project ,

Art for Humanity

The Durban University of Technology,

The South African Human Rights Commission



For further information please contact Nomfundo Mgabadeli at: